How to Edit a Video for Your Channel/Website

How to Edit a Video for Your Channel

Video editing refers to the rearrangement of video shots to create a better and improved version of your video. It is significant as it is the key to blending sounds and images to emotionally connect the audience. It would not be wrong to state that video editing is perhaps the most important jobs in the film industry.

  • When it comes to editing explainer videos to promote your channel or website and engage your audience, it shall be known that professional quality usually calls for professional prices.
  • Hold your horses, because the best part of this article is, that if you don’t have the budget, doesn’t mean that you cannot edit videos for your channel or website. Here, we bring you amazing ways to edit your video and earn maximum gains from this incredibly versatile format.
  • Explainer videos are great for marketing your product or service.
  • Editing animated explainer videos, product explainer videos or whiteboard explainer videos is as important as making them. We bring you the best explainer video editing tips.
  • Some of the latest editing options include stabilization, adjustments to the start and end points, contrast and temperature controls and rotation. So if you were seeking to shoot in dark light, you could set a higher contrast for improved visibility.
  • Stabilization works perfectly for those with no tripod and shaky hands. Moreover, there is a creative setting that enables you to add a color filter to your video. This is an amazing way to use cohesive colors for the blending of your website design.
  • First and foremost, you need to upload the videos to the website or the channel. Once done, you need to study the video editor tabs.
  • There are a total of four tables in the video editor. These tabs guide you to find the several editing and enhancement functions.
  • Secondly, if you want to edit your video in such a way that it gets trimmed into short clips, then you can easily shorten the length of a clip once you have moved it on your timeline.
  • Simply choose the scissors icon from the video box, choose what you want to cut out and move the bar to edit. Click save once you are done.
  • In case you want to lengthen the clip, drag the handle away from the center.
  • Additionally, to add a transition, select one from the options provided by clicking on the video manager tab that shows on the top of the video editor.
  • Conclusively, Windows Movie Maker is a great tool to edit videos. It is free of cost and works similarly as explained above. So get clicking, get editing!


Learn how to edit like the YouTube channel, “Beautiful Destinations” with this “Write-On Brush Stroke Text Effect” tutorial in @AdobeAE CC 2018! This is a quick & easy effect that you can use as the intro for your travel videos.


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