How to make an Animated movie on the computer for free

Animated movie on the computer


Animated explainer video making, editing, and production is not a piece of cake. Neither is it easy nor it cheap. Only a short video for your channel or website could cost you huge bucks if you go for professional video studios. In this article, we bring you free alternatives that could be easily mastered by you or any web user.

Before you talk about how to make an animated movie on the computer for free, let’s take a look at the advantages of animated video makers. Be it animated explainer video makers, whiteboard explainer video maker, or product explainer video maker, all of them contain professional animation templates that are usually in high resolution.



  • The best explainer videos have scalable pricing plans having engaging and funny animated characters. Interestingly, you do not have to dub videos using an animated video maker.
  • Highly flexible and versatile, animated videos help you reach your goals fast. Here are a few solutions like GoAnimate, Wideo, and Explee, that let to make an animated movie on the computer for free.
  • GoAnimate is an extremely popular animated video maker. It requires no pre-knowledge of video making and creates professional looking animated videos
  • Register and sign up for an account with a 14-day free trial. Click on the video maker and bring your abstract idea to life.
  • You can select from several animated characters, backgrounds, audio tracks, and props. You can also add extra scenes and select the length duration of each. Once done, click save and export it your channel or website
  • Apart from this, Wideo offers a multitude of stylish video templates- that too for free. This is ideal for making business presentations, video e-cards, and product promos.
  • To make an animated video with Wideo, all you need to do is sign up and create a free account. Click on the New Video button, select the free template and hit Edit.
  • Once on board, you can add text to slides, sound effects and insert new objects. Lastly, choose the Export option and see your video getting uploaded on your channel or website.
  • For basic animated videos, Explee works perfectly well. It offers only one blank template but delivers fast results with superior design quality.
  • Just register to get a free 14-day trial. Select an appropriate background, props, and characters and make them animated. Once done, pick the video quality in which you would want to showcase your work. Export it to your channel or website.

In a nutshell, these movie makers let you create animated explainer videos not just for free but with ease.

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